Why there might be a cost to add Smartphone Pack

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Why there might be a cost to add Smartphone Pack

Post by DPinTX » Sat Oct 13, 2018 5:16 pm

It’s not a simple flip of a switch. When my car was updated it took about 5 hours start to finish. So there is talk of a $300 USD so about £229 install fee or add on. It’s showing up in build configurators on the website for some models already. This can also be on a dealer by dealer basics, we will need to see how this plays out over the next few months.

There are a lot of items and systems that are updated. The IMC needs to be updated to version JX63-18D493-BD
Then Part of the IMC has over 8 parts to update itself Like

ECU Main
ECU #2
ECU #3
ECU #4
ECU #5
ECU #6

The the HVAC controllers were also updated and lot of other items and other subsystems. Then there is a final QC process that looks at at least 8 table parameters that I could see like

Boot parameter
Startup XML
Manifest Variation
DVD region
Polar Switch

Once all of that is done this gives only gives you the 18C update, it also then unlocks the "Activation of Smartphone Pack" this then needs to be added to the car once activated you get a "Operation was successful on the screen" inside of of Big green box.

Then you will have Apple carplay and Android auto. There is one other option for the China market Jaguars and Land Rovers called Baidu that did not show up in my car because well USA.

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Re: Why there might be a cost to add Smartphone Pack

Post by blakep6 » Sat Oct 13, 2018 8:11 pm

Thanks that's very helpful so basically it's just software updates then and no more physical hardware to install.
My car is booked into the dealership in a couple of weeks due to the 360 cameras have stopped working for the second time in 6 months. I am going to get the software updated as I think this is the problem my hdmi has also stopped working.
Fingers crossed it sorts the problem.
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