Discolouration of grill, headlamp and side indicator trim

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Discolouration of grill, headlamp and side indicator trim

Post by Adelejean » Thu Jun 07, 2018 12:05 pm

I have just joined the forum and cannot see any other concerns relating to mine. Briefly my husband purchased an F Pace November 2016; he was suffering from terminal cancer at the time but being a long term lover of Jaguars he treated himself. He died in November 2017; the jaguar had 300 miles on the clock; had been kept in a clean garage and washed only by hand.
I have now started to use the car and have followed his instructions about storing it and washing it. It now has 4000 miles on the clock and is 18 months old.
I noticed discolouration of the radiator grill; the headlamp and side indicator surround. Gently rubbing does not improve it and I am reluctant to use any cleaners at this point. It almost looks as if it could rust but it wont as it isn't metal is it?
I went to the garage to show them and got a poor response. They hadn't seen anything like it before; it wouldn't be under warranty and frankly madam we don't give a dam!
I have complained to Jaguar and am in the process of moving things on. This has caused me some emotional stress given my husband's faith in Jaguar and his recent death.
If anyone can give me any information to strengthen my case I would certainly appreciate it.

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Re: Discolouration of grill, headlamp and side indicator trim

Post by catwoman » Thu Jun 07, 2018 1:44 pm

Hello Adelejean, I have just read your post and would like to extend a warm welcome to you, thank you for joining the forum. My heart goes out to you for the circumstances you have found yourself in.

Personally, I have not heard of this issue with the F-Pace, or indeed with any other new car, before; it sounds most unusual. I wonder if it might show up in a photograph, to perhaps give us an idea of the extent and how visible the discolouration is, if that would be possible?

You mentioned following specific storage and washing instructions, has that included using any cleaning/polishing products at all?

You are absolutely correct, the front of the car, including the grille, surround, headlamp unit, etc., are all made from plastic, so it cannot be rust from the car itself . . . but if something else in the garage has been rusting nearby (or even above . . up in the roof?) and water or spray from that has been in contact with the car, it's possible that could cause contamination.

Finally, have you popped the bonnet up to see if anything within the engine compartment itself could also be discoloured? . . I'm thinking possible coolant/fluid leaks from the radiator/caps/hoses/loose clips, etc. Any signs of anything? After almost two years of driving, the engine compartment on mine still looks as good as new, no splashes of anything anywhere, just a thin coating of road dust which I occasionally wipe away when I'm checking levels.
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Re: Discolouration of grill, headlamp and side indicator trim

Post by Jagfpacejk » Thu Jun 07, 2018 7:10 pm

Welcome to the forum, sorry to hear about your husband.

Have you tried another Jaguar dealer as you do not have to go to the same one you brought the car from as the warranty it pops good at any dealer.

You mention a colour difference, how much are your talking, as the cars have so much plastic and this is sprayed away from the car I am yet to see a car where the colour is 100 percent detween the different materials used.
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Re: Discolouration of grill, headlamp and side indicator trim

Post by Felixstowe » Thu Jun 07, 2018 7:35 pm

Hi and welcome,
I would agree with the above comment. If you have another jaguar dealer that’s not to far away take it in and ask them to have a look. Failing that go back to your dealer and tell them you want it looked at again as you are not happy with the initial response. I hope you get this resolved to your satisfaction soon. In the meantime, enjoy the car in your late husbands memory
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Re: Discolouration of grill, headlamp and side indicator trim

Post by Jags cat » Thu Jun 07, 2018 7:38 pm

Hi, condolences for your great loss, and the disgraceful behaviour of the dealership involved, maybe if it was named and shamed them on the forum. Could C S Jaguar step in to resolve this his particular issue. Obviously being a great sentimental and tangible object of your late husband, thier attitude can only cause more heartache than the issue of the defect.

Could this discolouration be down to other environmental factors such as sunlight coming into the garage and / or possible magnification of the light by other glass or reflective material in the garage? ( just a thought) even though the exterior plastics and its coatings should be UV stable!

Let’s hope C S jaguar pick up on this problem for you, and both put it right, and demonstrate to the forum members that they are actually listening and acting as they say they are! ,.... we shall see?

Regards JC.
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Re: Discolouration of grill, headlamp and side indicator trim

Post by MrPix » Thu Jun 07, 2018 7:51 pm

Hi Adelejean,

So sorry to hear of your loss and heartache caused by your dealer. The following may help:

from the Jaguar UK website:
With this Warranty, if any paintwork needs attention, the work will be completed by a Jaguar Authorised Repairer, free of charge. This cover lasts three years from the day you take delivery of your new Jaguar, regardless of mileage.

If any part of your Jaguar’s bodywork is corroded with rust, the affected panels are repaired or replaced by a Jaguar Authorised Repairer, free of charge. Regardless of mileage or any change of ownership, this cover lasts six years from the day you take delivery of your new Jaguar. If your car is in an accident and needs repairs to the bodywork, they should be carried out by a Jaguar Approved Repairer in order for the repaired sections to still be covered by the Corrosion Protection Warranty.

It's definitely worth pursuing with another more sympathetic dealer.
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