iPace review

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iPace review

Post by June16 » Mon Aug 06, 2018 10:44 am

It seems not all is to be believed on the mileage front.

https://www.topgear.com/car-news/electr ... ctually-go
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Re: iPace review

Post by DarrenA » Mon Aug 06, 2018 11:22 am

I asked the guy at the preview event about the range (as I do a 300 mile round trip every month or so) and he asked me what roads it was on. After explaining it was 110 motorway miles plus 40 A road each way he said the range would be "more like" 150.

That was the end of the car for me.
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Re: iPace review

Post by Smitten » Tue Aug 07, 2018 5:36 pm

All I have read seems very positive which is great for the future and good that Jaguar seems to have a great package to compete with Tesla and is a little ahead of German rivals. Really encouraged to hear about exciting driving experiences with an EV! I see two issues - range and infrastructure.

For 90% of my driving 150 range is perfectly acceptable and I can install a charging point on the drive quite easily. The problem arises with the 10% of journeys that exceed this range. My home to family in Scotland is 505 miles. My home to family in Frankfurt is 485 miles. These journeys currently take around 8-9 hours driving but to achieve this in an EV would need 2 to 3 charges en route adding say 3 hours to the journey assuming a high speed 22KW or faster charger was available at each stop. The other alternative would be to fly for these journeys and hire a car. Wonder what the relative Co2 impact would be a family using air travel rather vs car? These journeys also take place in the winter meaning EV range drops further. Another alternative is to keep a normal car alongside an EV and keep the EV for city use/short journeys or join a car club to have access to a normal car for occasional longer journeys or hire one.

The cars may be arriving but infrastructure and a source of clean energy isn't there yet in the UK and I think EV sales are 1-2% of new cars or similar. In Norway by comparison it is common to have an EV as a second car for city use and this coupled with clean energy sources (hydro electric) makes much more sense to me than driving an EV powered by burning fossil fuels in the UK. I was in Norway a few weeks back and the number and variety of EV's on the road is really surprising. However, Norway has a huge sovereign wealth fund to dip into to cover the cost of infrastructure projects and subsidies to encourage EV take up. Around 30% of new vehicles in 2017 were EV's and that is expected to hit 40% in 2018.

I expect JLR will be shipping quite a few I-Paces's across the North Sea but selling a lot less in other markets. Maybe things will have changed when I am ready for a new car in 2020-21?
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