Selling the old car...

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Selling the old car...

Post by Redwez » Sun Mar 28, 2021 8:38 pm

Listed it on auto trader earlier in the week, and received a call shortly after from a guy claiming that he wants the car (hasn’t seen it in person), and willing to pay a deposit to secure the car.
The call was quite late, so I said that there was no need to pay anything atm and just give me a call the next morning.
I took his “name” and asked more about him, at which point he disclosed that he buys diesels and exports them.
Anyway, he didn’t call the next day, but did this afternoon.
Again, he said he defo wants it and is coming from Reading to pick it up. However, he said that it would actually be much easier for him if he can pick the car up from west London somewhere, and that he would cover the ulez charges etc
I then asked him for his mobile so I could check what days I would be able to take it that way (already very suspicious). I then asked him his name again, and on this call he gave me a completely different name.
When I pulled him up on it, he said that it might of been his colleague who called him earlier in the week (it wasn’t!)
He told me that if he were to put a deposit down, the “business account” that it would come from is in the name of David Langley. Again, this made me wonder.
He also asked for a picture or scan of the logbook document, so that “he could check everything matches up”....righto!

Anyway, I’m calling auto trader tomorrow to ask if they’d heard of this kind of thing before, but I have kind of made my mind up that this guy is a fraud and I should probably steer clear...

Thought? Experiences?

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Re: Selling the old car...

Post by mynameisrui » Sun Mar 28, 2021 8:49 pm

Dodgy as feck. Stay well clear.

Sadly autotrader is full of time wasters who act like they are interested for the sole reason of messing you about.
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Re: Selling the old car...

Post by Deltasierra » Mon Mar 29, 2021 9:26 am

The motor trade is full of dodgy characters (horse world is the same). This person is an obvious rouge, many are very plausible and probably even more of a threat, so treat everyone with caution.
Export buyers do operate differently, certain vehicles are in demand overseas, they are often not bothered about condition, happy to buy the vehicle unseen, pay up front, strip it for parts and fill a container with usefull parts from many cars
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Re: Selling the old car...

Post by Redwez » Mon Mar 29, 2021 12:37 pm

It’s things like using false names and also asking for a scan of the logbook which rang the bells for me tbf

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