SVR - 1 month of ownership

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SVR - 1 month of ownership

Post by p3eps » Mon Apr 15, 2019 7:24 pm

It’s a month since I collected my F-Pace SVR. The press are under embargo until the 23rd April, so I thought I’d share my thoughts as an owner after living with the car for a month.

Firstly - who am I? I’m not a motoring journalist, and don’t test drive cars for a living. This is my personal opinion.
I’m a 41 year old male. I have a 4 year old daughter, and another baby on the way. I play golf, go mountain biking, and go on family holidays abroad which usually involve driving 120 miles to Glasgow airport with lots of luggage. For this, I need a big car.
On the flip side... I work about 5 miles from my home, and most of my days are purely this 10 mile commute on my own with no luggage! I often take the car out on my own for ‘spirited’ drives in the evening and weekends. I’m in the North of Scotland, and there are some fantastic driving roads not too far away.
My wife’s car has the child seat in it, and it only moves over to mine if we need the bigger car. She has an Audi RSQ3, which has a significantly smaller boot.

My car history...
Over the years, I started basic and have been working my way up through faster and faster ‘boy racer’ type cars! Clio RSI, Civic Type R, Integra Type R and then onto slightly more luxury hot hatches... Golf GTI Edition 30, Golf R. Then, my daughter came along, and I got an Audi SQ5. Each car is a step up in both cost and performance. I traded the SQ5 in for the F-Pace SVR.

I’ve never owned a Jaguar before... and to be brutally honest have never had any desire to own one. I always saw Jaguar as an older person brand - probably due to people like Clarkson going on about pretentious old men in Jaaaaaags! My father in-law bought an F-Type R almost 5 years ago, and at the time I thought ‘why are you buying one of them? Having driven it a few times, I can see why he bought it. We still make fun of it being a Jaaaaaag though.

My SQ5 was coming up for 4 years old, and I needed to replace it. I wanted something similar in size, with similar or better performance. I looked at the Merc GLC63 AMG, new SQ5, and had finally set my heart on waiting for a BMW X3M. The X3 M4.0 seemed to tick most boxes, but I knew I’d be miffed when the true M model came out. It was a long wait and was going nowhere when I read about the F-Pace SVR coming ‘soon’ in Auto Express.
I’ve always liked the shape of the F-Pace and thought it was a nice looking car, but an SVR sounded special enough for me to look at it seriously. The cost was about the same as I’d expected the X3M to be.
I spoke with the dealer in May 18 and eventually put a deposit down in Aug 18. I was told that I’d have the car in December 18. Delay after delay, and lots of uncertainty... it was then scheduled for 28th April 19. Thankfully, it came early and was collected March 15th 2019 - a full 11 months after expressing my original interest. A complete blind buy! I’d never driven an F-Pace until I got mine, and only briefly sat in one in the showroom and tried luggage / golf clubs etc in the boot!

My car:
Corris Grey
Black 22” wheels
Red leather
Carbon Fibre Inserts
With the following options...
Sliding panoramic roof, rear tinted windows, 360deg camera, HUD pack, park pack, reduced spare wheel, configurable ambient lighting, electronic deployable tow bar, luggage storage rails, remote rear seat release levers, AdSR, Meridion surround system, CD player.

I think it looks great. My initial reaction when I saw it in the showroom was that I’d made a good choice when it came to selecting the colours. I was a bit dubious about the red interior - but I’ve had black or grey on my last few cars, so my wife convinced me to try something different.
Lots of positive comments from friends, neighbours, and even random people in the street. I’ve even had a stranger drive past, then reverse back and have a chat about it one evening telling me how much he liked it.

I was also a bit apprehensive about the grey wheel arches, bonnet vents and bumper trim. I picked Corris Grey so that they blended in... and at a glance you’d think they were the same colour. There is only a very subtle difference in shade.
Visually, the grey is very stealth like, and doesn’t stand out too much. If you know what you’re looking at, the aggressive lines and quad exhausts give the game away. So does the purring V8!

The interior is well finished, and very comfortable. The driving position feels a bit higher than my previous car, despite me lowering the seat as far as it’ll go. The car is only a few cm bigger overall, but feels much bigger to drive.
The digital instrument panel looks very modern, and the infotainment system blends in nicely - rather than having a giant iPad type structure attached to the dash (like many manufacturers have opted for). The glass roof gives a much more spacious feel in the cabin.

Note: I’m trying to be good and run the car in properly. First 1000 miles, gradually increasing the revs. I’m currently at about 800 miles, and haven’t been above 5k rpm... so I still haven’t properly put my foot down yet!

From the ‘spirited’ driving I’ve done so far, I am REALLY impressed. I was a bit nervous spending that sort of money on a car that I’ve never driven before or even seen a review of... but it turns out there was nothing to worry about!
The engine is sublime. It pulls and pulls, and that’s at 3/4 throttle. I can’t wait to get to full throttle. It also handles like it’s on rails! I’ve had some fast drives of the F-Type R where you feel like you’re testing it’s ability and really pushing it to the limits - and the F-Pace with all that extra weight and height handles almost as well. When in Dynamic mode, the suspension stiffens up and the steering feels heavier which makes the handling much sharper. I’ve still got the mindset that I’m driving an SUV and I need to be a bit more careful, but I genuinely don’t think that needs to be a consideration.
I’ve been promised a day out at SVO by Jaguar HQ as a goodwill gesture for all my waiting / troubles - and I genuinely can’t wait to get one of these on a track to push the boundaries further without the fear of consequences.

The HUD speedo is an expensive option, but could easily save your licence one day. It’s so easy to give a little blip of throttle for a few seconds, and then realise that you’re at an outrageous speed. It really is that powerful. Having the speed in your eyeline without deliberately having to look at it is worth the money for me.

I’m struggling to find words to describe how good the drive is. I’ve driven a X5M and an ML63 AMG over the last few years, and this thing blows the socks off them.
The engineers have done a phenomenal job of piecing the SVR together and balancing it so well.

Being that I’m only at about 75% throttle, I’m still not sure whether the engine noise / exhaust note is as aggressive as I’d originally expected from watching all the preview videos. The startup sounds very similar to the F-Type R. I did a bit of overtaking the other day, and managed to get a little bit of crackling and popping on the over-run, but in general it doesn’t seem to sound as fierce as I anticipated. Don’t get me wrong, it’s certainly not quiet... but I think it’s maybe been toned down a bit from some of the promo stuff. You can get a more aggressive sound when using the paddles and driving manually.

On my second day, I enabled the ‘journeys’ section of the Jaguar Remote app. One of the interesting (or eye watering!) features of this is an average MPG for the journey. A 5 mile trip to work (through town) could be anything from 13-18mpg. A blast along dual carriageway for 50 miles at 70mph increases to about 24mpg. A run to the golf club (33miles) mainly along B roads at the weekend was 20.4mpg. Some start / stop driving to get out of town, but an average speed of 42mph.
I realise my engine is still tight, and the economy may increase a bit as the engine loosens off. I keep telling myself that anyway!

Here’s the bit you’re not going to read in a magazine in a review.

Day 2, I took the car for a drive round the Scottish Highlands. When I got home, I had under 200 miles on the clock - yet the front of the car was peppered in stone chips. At this point, the car had been in my possession for less than 20 hours and had not been driven hard.
My Audi was over 4 years old when I traded it in - and had about 3 tiny chips on it. My SVR was in worse condition after less than a day. I don’t know what Jaguar painted the bottom front skirt with? Water colour? Thankfully my dealer thought this was shocking, and have agreed to have the front re-done this week.

I’d always been a bit wary of the infotainment system after reading stories on forums / websites. It’s not too bad (seems to have had a lot of fixes since it was initially released), but there are definitely some gremlins in there. Mainly when connecting external devices (iPod / iPhone / USB drive) and the way it handles them. Showing disconnected devices as still playing, and unable to refresh without turning the car off for 10mins.

When putting fuel in, I noticed part of my boot lid (just below my rear window) has been finished really badly. My dealer was surprised the car left the factory like this - however they never noticed it at PDI either! They’re going to have this replaced as a warranty claim this week.

After a week, I decided to fully detail the car. I spent the entire weekend cleaning / polishing / waxing etc, and then decided to take the wheels off and polish / seal them.
I did the front 2 in an evening - and it took about 3 hours to clean, dry, polish, and then apply 3x coats of Poorboys Wheel Sealant. That was enough for one evening, so I went to do the rears the following evening.
When loosening the bolts on one rear, I noticed a big white chip on a spoke. Shocked by this, I examined the rear wheel with great detail. There were several chips on it. I then checked the other rear, and it’s the same.
I had black wheels on my Golf R for over 4 years, and never had a chip. I then examined my father in-laws F-Type’s black wheels - which were also in A1 condition. Various cars with black wheels were checked at work - ranging from 2010-2018 cars... and none had ‘chips’. Some had brutal kerb marks, but that’s a different story!!
I complained to the dealer - so that’s getting fixed this week too. I fail to see how a black wheel can ‘chip’ in various places in less than 300miles? The fronts were fine, so what’s causing the rears to chip?

As mentioned above, I’m at approximately 800 miles. I wear a shirt / tie / trousers to work, and have worn jeans in the car 3 times since getting it - yet there is obvious wear to the right hand bolster of my driver seat. I imagine after a few more months, this will look really tatty. I will be bringing this up on my visit to the dealership this week too.

My front brakes howl and squeal at low speeds. My father in-law has this with his X5M, and BMW have ‘fixed’ it 3 times already. Is this just a symptom of a heavy car with huge brakes? This will also be queried at my visit.

Overall Conclusion:
The car is fantastic, and everything I had hoped it would be. It looks great inside and out, and drives like a dream. I never expected great fuel economy from a 5L V8 engine, however it is a bit of a sickener putting in £95 of V-Power (when fuel gauge is at 1/8th) after only getting 260 miles. That was with about 120 of them being motorway miles.
There are the issues above, but the dealer has advised that they will be taking care of these for me, and want to make sure I’m 100% happy.

If you’re sitting on the fence as to whether to buy one of these or not... DO IT! I’m not the motoring press, and don’t have the experience of driving thousands of cars like they do... but I have a funny feeling they’re going to agree with me. If you’re looking for a practical high performance SUV, then this ticks all the boxes.
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Re: SVR - 1 month of ownership

Post by catwoman » Mon Apr 15, 2019 8:20 pm

Good write up p3eps, thanks for taking the time to put all of that down for us. Hope you do get those chips all sorted . . Jag's paint is not tough, so as for how to stop it from happening again, well, just try not to drive too close to the car in front of you ;) . . not easy when all you'll want to do is burn past everyone!
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Re: SVR - 1 month of ownership

Post by Smitten » Mon Apr 15, 2019 9:19 pm

Niggles aside it reads as though you have an ear to ear grin every time you get in....which is exactly as it should be. Must admit I have been waiting to find out more about your initial feedback. Pity about the paint issues and seat bolster wear and hopefully you will be well taken care of by your dealer.
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Re: SVR - 1 month of ownership

Post by mik » Mon Apr 15, 2019 9:52 pm

Great write up - very balanced. 8-)

You are clearly gagging to get your clog down fully. :lol:

Interesting comments about the wheels - hopefully some manufacturing of delivery issue as opposed to the fact they are sticking out further than the fronts? :? (It occured to me that they might be subtley more subject to dirt/grit being thrown up by the fronts but that is pure speculation and probably therefore bobbins).
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Re: SVR - 1 month of ownership

Post by p3eps » Tue Apr 16, 2019 8:08 am

Thanks for the comments...

Firstly, yes - it seems the Jaguar paint is not tough. I’ve been in touch with a local vinyl specialist to see if they can do me a clear wrap on the front to give some form of protection. I’m a bit of a perfectionist, and having chips on the front of the car really eats at me. If this is something that’s going to happen a lot, then I want to have some form of prevention. I’ve also asked the dealer for touch up sticks in both colours.

I do have a grin on my face when driving, and even when walking out to the car knowing I’ll get the startup note! I often press the active exhaust button before starting just to get the slightly deeper roar. Intoxicating!

Not sure about the wheels, but I wondered if it was something like that. The fronts spitting up stones and maybe some aerodynamic issue throwing them at the back wheels. I guess time will tell when more cars are out there whether I just have a bad finish on mine, or whether there is a real issue?
Either way, it’ll get fixed this week and I’ll see what happens from there.
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Re: SVR - 1 month of ownership

Post by MyV6Jag » Tue Apr 16, 2019 9:21 am

Great detailed review there. Look forward to part 2 when you can really use all the power.
Without doubt I would add Paint Protection Film to the front lower section. Really wished I had done it when I bought the car as I also noticed a few stone chips this week whilst washing it.
Anyway, Happy driving!
:o :o :o
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Re: SVR - 1 month of ownership

Post by Matteus F-Pace » Tue Apr 16, 2019 2:50 pm

Fantastic review P3eps- thanks for taking the time. Having been really excited about the coming SVR, I seem to have gone through some sort of mid-life crises, and today placed an order for a Merc AMG C63s Cabriolet....... :o

I have loved my V6 SC F-pace though, and I'm sure the SVR will be one of the best SUVs out there!! I look forward to pitting a V8 twin turbo against a V8 SC!! :lol:
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Re: SVR - 1 month of ownership

Post by Steve C » Tue Apr 16, 2019 6:38 pm

Welcome to the AMG Club Matteus 8-) A man of impeccably good taste even if you didn't buy a Jag :)

I have had my C63s Estate since 1st March and am absolutely loving it although still working out some of the umpteen settings and options. Maybe off topic for here, but would be interested to know what spec you went for. And happy to give you feedback on my option choices if you want (presumably you can still make tweaks to the spec this early on).

PM me if you want to talk Merc...or maybe an off topic thread?
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Re: SVR - 1 month of ownership

Post by Jagfpacejk » Wed Apr 17, 2019 8:50 am

Great write up and you must be driving round in one of the only on the road SVR at present and getting lot of looks.

Great to hear your niggles are getting resolved.

Enjoy your car.
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Re: SVR - 1 month of ownership

Post by p3eps » Mon Apr 22, 2019 10:19 pm


Looking forward to tomorrow!
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