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Smooth Ride

Post by Reggraham » Mon Dec 03, 2018 1:15 pm

I have adaptive cruise on my F-Pace with Stop&Go it's great but at times downright scary, in fact my wife hates it. Last week we had a trip to Devon some 250 miles each way and I prefer not to use M25N/M4/M5/A30 route and opt for the more scenic M25S/M3/A303/M5/A30 route, also allows me time to play withe different settings. On the way down on the M25 I was using cruise at around 78mph and as usual someone pulls out doing about 65mph the car slows and when they pull back in the nearest car is about three quarters of a mile away. The car accelerates like a bat out of hell back up to 78 tears along to the next car in front which was doing about 68 when it gets closer than the set gap it brakes heavily to bring it's speed back to the car in front and set the gap very scary. So I switched on eco mode, which all the reviews say knocks the guts out of the car, the car in front moved out of the way and the car slowly accelerated to 78 and approaching a slower car decelerated at a more reasonable rate, no complaints from my wife. I left eco mode on the ride was much better no jerkiness in acceleration and braking. It was also when I was on the A303 in the single carriageway sections that in eco mode it seems to make no difference to the general ride there was no opportunity for heavy acceleration so the smoothness of eco mode made for quiet a pleasant drive especially for the passengers.
I have come to love adaptive cruise I just wish that it didn't sometimes give that impression of total loss of control, I know that when I did a lot of motorway driving daily ( east Essex to Reading and back) I probably did drive like that some or most days but then I was in control when it drives like that I seem to spend all my time with my foot hovering over the brake pedal just in case, with eco switch on I managed to put my foot down and relax a bit more. Now I know how my passengers must have felt sometimes on the days when I was not driving slowly.
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