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Thx for the advice.

I tested 2 models ( petrol 250 hp ) and the V6 - both had 22 inch wheels . The 2.0 petrol has a really firm ride but the V6 was much smoother and I guess the difference is the Adaptive dynamics - I was quite comfortable with the ride on the V6 but wonder whether choosing 20 inch would have made for a better ride ? Still the 22 inch black double helix do look nice on the F pace and it does go well with the black pack - I certainly recommend the combination as it looks quite striking and aggressive but in a nice sort of way -
I tested a 3.0d yesterday. And had a good chance to fiddle with the adaptive dynamics. I thought it made a decent difference to the ride quality. It was on 20" wheels and I did wonder if that was the ideal combination. What worried me about bigger wheels was the ride, but also road noise possibly.

So far I've driven the 180 and 240 diesels on passive suspension, and now the 3.0 on adaptive. I do think there is a difference with the adaptive, although I know other on here have a different view. My initial focus was on a factory order of a 2.0 petrol with a spec including AD. But having driven a used 3.0d I am now rethinking that one.
I have to say I think there have been a lot of un justified negative comments about the ride quality of 22 inch rims perhaps fed through from the preferences of some reviewers. I felt the car had a tendency to wallow and bounce on 20 inch rims which was quite uncomfortable around town over speed humps etc. I prefer the handling on the 22 inch and the ride. Feels very sure footed and to be honest I cannot tell any difference in road noise. They don't half look good too!
You are right about reviewers. They have different opinions and different views of course. I was very wary with my XF on the difference wheel sizes made, but on a different car it is completely different. The key is, as you rightly say, to find the mix that works for you.
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