Interesting F-pace

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Interesting F-pace

Post by Bright.xiao » Sat Mar 03, 2018 12:05 pm

hello, everyone,
i am Bright, from china, I am just join in this forums.
I like F-pace, and I think UK people knows F-PACE very well, i have been check china f-pace forum, some talks good, some not, so, before ordering, I have some worry, hope you all UK guys can help me, thank you!
1. When 2019 F-pace will issure?
2. what will be update in 2019 type?
3. in china, more problems of F-pace are: 1. strange noise from door and other place, 2. Incontrol system can not use carplay, 3. when start car, it has big shake, (in china, most is 2.0T motor, seem in UK only 3.0T right?) 4. big wind noise
does your can has such problem?
4. what is the public praise compare with Porsche Macan, BMW X4?

Hope UK f-pace drivers can share your feeling or experience?

Thank you! :D

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