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Re: New F Pace owner

Post by Emanuel2222 » Sat Apr 07, 2018 3:53 pm

Hi guys,

I have been now 2 weeks since my F Pace got back to the dealership for investigation; I am still waiting for it to come back home 😁.
During it’s staying there, I have been called several times by the dealer and JLR aftersales team and informed about the atatus: nothing wrong with the software, what phone am I using (even though the issues were not phone related and so on...) finaly, they will look into replacing the whole radio unit as it may be a hardware issue.
I have been given an XF as a curtoasy vehicle and I haven’t experienced any of the Audio or lond start delay issues therefore I ‘ve got the conclusion that the software is not crap, but the phisical side of it, the unit.
Hopefuly I will get my car back next week at sime point and I will update you guys with further findings.
P.S: After the initial software update I wasn’t able tu use the Remote App to turn in the engine as it was saying Windows status unknown...

If this time they won’t make things work well, Imy solisitor advised me to complain to Consumer Rights as the vehicle alreaby been back to service 2 times in 2 months.

Drive safe !
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