2.0l diesel 180ps AWD

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Re: 2.0l diesel 180ps AWD

Post by j33per » Mon Oct 07, 2019 6:48 am

Have only had mine (MY 2018) for two weeks and have done motorway miles mainly. The vibration at around 1'650 RPM is clearly noticeable AND very annoying. Trouble is that I've already done 1'700 miles or so and therefore would not qualify for "Approved's" "30 DAY / 1,000 MILE CONDITIONAL CAR EXCHANGE AGREEMENT".

Not good!
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Re: 2.0l diesel 180ps AWD

Post by Deltasierra » Mon Oct 07, 2019 9:35 am

Hi I had a MY 17 2.0D and had exactly the same vibration problem, that car was rejected and I bought a MY 3.0D and no problems, mpg on both cars was very similar at 35 - 36 mpg long term average. There are very few complaints on this site regarding MY 18 cars onwards (except ICTP related), it seems that early issues were addressed and modifications made.
New or S/H I think you will be OK with MY 18 cars onwards, built May 17 on, for comparison drive the 3.0 D it is a different animal.
Best of luck
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Re: 2.0l diesel 180ps AWD

Post by FXE » Tue Oct 08, 2019 9:25 am

I have an MY19 20d AWD and no vibration issues. I was between a used better specced MY18 S (the V6 diesel one) and a new MY19 20d and decided to go with the brand new MY19 as the cabin was a lot nicer and just felt more luxurious and up-class for some reason (more leather, suede headlining, etc). The V6 definitely had a different quieter rumble to it which I liked more and engine felt smoother but it just wasn't enough to make me shift that way. So far I have not regretted the decision even once.

On the highway, my MPG is around 40 and around town it is 25-ish. I'm very happy with it as I owned a petrol XE before and would get 12-15mpg in town and 35-ish on the highway which was good but since I also drive mostly short journeys, the city mpg is a lot more important to me. Of course, it depends heavily on how much throttle you use when accelerating as I could definitely be more economical in my driving. I also put a TDI-tuning chip on it so not sure how much that influences the numbers. I should also add that I've driven the car only about 3000 miles so far so I expect it to get a bit better still. I also use the app to remote start it usually 5-10 mins before I head off to get the cabin warmish.

I don't think there should be much difference between vibrations between 20d and 25d though as they share the same engines and the only difference is the turbo setup. I also test drove the 25d but I didn't notice much difference between them personally and I think you just might have had bad luck with the car you received.

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Re: 2.0l diesel 180ps AWD

Post by philmayfield » Tue Oct 08, 2019 11:06 am

We’ve had ours for two years and 20,000 miles and the the only problem was the auto stop/start failing which was rectified at the last, recent service. It will be needing new tyres soon though. Very pleased with it. In contrast our F Type has been to the dealership eight times in three years and 12,000miles so that has been replaced with a Mercedes which is a so much better car!

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