Prospective F Pace order...

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Prospective F Pace order...

Post by lostp » Sun Jul 16, 2017 9:01 pm

Hey everyone, first post here :)

Thinking of a new F-Pace, although have to say the many issues that seem to come up on this forum have put me off slightly! At least I will be going in with my eyes open. You know what they say, expect the worst and you will never be disappointed lol

What are people's thoughts on Diesel (20d) vs Petrol (25t)? We only do about 7-8000 miles per year so would a petrol be a better bet? It's annoying there isn't a 20t cheaper petrol as I'm not too keen to pay an extra £3k to get the 25t!

Also have the ICTP issues been ironed out yet? Have read some bad stories but some people seem to say it's fixed by patches?

Alternative is the Audi Q5 or new Volvo XC60 - obviously I am on the F Pace forum but anyone with any thoughts?

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Re: Prospective F Pace order...

Post by corriescar66 » Sun Jul 16, 2017 9:53 pm


No lag, and even in eco mode is so what the car was designed for....

While I have 3.0L s/c I would consider the 25t.

Driven 140 miles around A roads today, terrified the passengers sorting out a new M4 driven by an idiot, overtaken by a 3 up Anglia (yes Ford Anglia.... But my god, did it go & it took a lot of petrol to restore Jags reputation...) but returned 36 mpg overall and arrived home smiling like an idiot.

Yes, it isn't perfect ICTP wise, but there isn't an SUV like it except the Macan. The Q5 is hideous and while the new XC60 looks a nice package it is just as troubled as the Jag electronically & isn't even close handling wise.

It's faults are annoying, but if you want a drivers car, that puts a smile on your face every time, then buy a 25t.....
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Re: Prospective F Pace order...

Post by f-pace-pete » Sun Jul 16, 2017 10:36 pm

I have had my 25t for three weeks now and It is superb.
Previously I had a 2.2l diesel dpf Xtype estate which I loved and have kept in the family. The Xtype was good but the 25t Fpace is so smooth and silent (inside). The 250hp is very noticeable after the 175hp Xtype which was no slouch. The engine note is a nice cross between a purr and a growl depending on throttle, just what I think a Jag should be.
I chose petrol as I thought it the right thing as I only do about 9k miles/year now. My diesel car did have a dpf issue once when used for several months on short journeys. I'm getting between 26 an 34mpg from the 25t depending on the journey. Best so far is 37.7. If you can afford it I would spec the Adaptive cruise control. It works really well and is a great safety feature if you like cruise on motorways and dual carriageways.
So far my ICTpro has been fine but I would consider any minor issues with it forgivable as IT systems can usually be improved with subsequent updates. If you choose the wrong mechanics/engine though, harder to remedy.
I have found Dynamic and Normal driving modes fine and even Eco very acceptable unless you fancy a real thrash.
Best of luck with your decision but I'm delighted with my 25t choice.
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Re: Prospective F Pace order...

Post by lostp » Mon Jul 17, 2017 7:27 am

Ahhh thanks you guys... good to hear the love for petrol, although I think my bank balance was more hoping for the opposite and having loads of 20d owners come up and tell me how it's actually a lovely engine :lol:

Adaptive cruise at £1500 seems a bit too steep although I currently have a Golf with the ACC as standard, and agree it's a real blessing for long motorway trips up and down the country - but only this only happens 2-3 times a year!

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Re: Prospective F Pace order...

Post by catwoman » Mon Jul 17, 2017 9:24 am

Welcome to the forum lostp. I have a 2.0D coupled to a manual transmission and, personally, I think it is excellent; plenty of power, lots of torque.

However, I haven't driven the 25t petrol variant, so I can't make a direct comparison for you. It may well be worthy of the additional cost. Either way, it is a judgement call only you can really make. Everyone who has one will say it is better, just like everyone who has a 3.0D will say that is better than a 2.0D . . and there's nothing inherently wrong with those viewpoints, but whether the benefits are worth the additional cost to you is the only important consideration.

Always harder to make up your mind, the more choice you have, but have fun and enjoy whatever you decide on!
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Re: Prospective F Pace order...

Post by Markotley » Mon Jul 17, 2017 2:44 pm

Go for the extra power as the smile is well worth the additional cost.
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Re: Prospective F Pace order...

Post by Jagfpacejk » Mon Jul 17, 2017 5:41 pm

I would go for the petrol version, having had both diesel and petrol engines the petrol is by far better suited for everyday town driving, as for ITCP issues, no they are not sorted, better then the beginning was but still has issues.
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Re: Prospective F Pace order...

Post by Coopsterdude » Mon Jul 17, 2017 8:31 pm

I have the 2.0D engine (180) and it's more than capable. Excellent for cruising on the motorway, but I do very high mileage so it warranted the diesel engine. If you drive it hard you're not going to get much above 40 even on a run, and if I did your mileage I'd be thinking more about the petrol to be honest.

I looked at the Q5 before buying the F Pace - didn't find the drive anywhere near as rewarding (again I was looking at the diesel) and I considered holding in for the XC60, but my heart was just won over by the Jag (and the old XC60 was the most boring drive I've ever witnessed - should have seen the salesman face when I told him how disappointed I was that I decided not to wait, despite friends telling me how good their XC90's are).
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Re: Prospective F Pace order...

Post by lostp » Mon Jul 17, 2017 10:25 pm

Thanks everyone, great responses from you all and a very friendly bunch you are :)

All I've done so far is have a poke around the Q5 and the F-Pace, not gone for a test drive yet. I suspect I will have to ask the dealer to let me try both engines!! The Jag was nicer to sit in than the Q5, which was basically like a normal A4 but slightly higher up. Jag has a leather dash which makes such a difference to the whole cabin compared to the plastic one on the Audi.

XC60, well I think it deserves to be seen before I make any decisions, after all it's a family SUV so I have set my expectations accordingly!

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Re: Prospective F Pace order...

Post by JLRnumber5 » Tue Jul 18, 2017 6:48 am

The new Q5 is definitely a step down in interior quality from the old one. The styling might be improved (interior) but not the materials. The Jag competes well IMO. Where there's a huge difference is the engine. Compare the JLR unit and the VAG unit side by side and you will be very surprised how rough the Ingenium engine is.

If you can get beyond that and the very strange set up that Jag uses for the same ZF gearbox (again compare the different programming for torque conversion) then FP definitely handles and rides better than the Q5 unless you compare the Audi air suspension to the Jag Adaptive adynamics. Again the German wins for smoothing out the bumps.

Design however. Hands down to the Brit. By a mile. Just IMO :-)
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