Pressure Washer Advice

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Re: Pressure Washer Advice

Post by AndyS » Thu Apr 13, 2017 6:08 pm

I'd personally go with the Karcher brand ......

First one lasted 20+ years, bought second one K4 through the Karcher Outlet (there are often some great deals on there)
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Re: Pressure Washer Advice

Post by Mbadger77 » Thu Apr 13, 2017 8:43 pm

Funny how many are Karcher owners.
K4 here myself !
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Re: Pressure Washer Advice

Post by Gem » Thu Apr 20, 2017 9:03 pm

I hunted the market for some time without conclusion then had a conversation in a tool distributer with a car enthusiast when discussing power washers.

His input was that his karcher was excellent and used every other day but when the time came for replacement, he would purchase a Nilfisk model due to superior performance, quality, price and service. He explained a number of technical specs that gave advantage over competitors which went over my head. I stumped for a Nilfisk (cannot recall model and not at home currently) and can honestly say that when doing like for like tests with various models owned by family and friends, almost all agree Nilfisk, is the less well known underdog with far better performance and design.

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Re: Pressure Washer Advice

Post by jonnyvtec » Fri Apr 21, 2017 8:43 am

Apollya wrote:
Mon Apr 10, 2017 4:27 pm
Littlewig wrote:
Mon Apr 10, 2017 10:54 am
Was a brand new sponge, went into halfords and was not very impressed with their offerings so decided to buy cheaply as I'll still buy a much nicer set of cleaning things. But yes I can completely understand the dirt will eventually build up in the porous sponge and scratch paint / coatings.

thanks all for replies, most seem to be saying K'A'RCHER.
The moment the sponge touches the paint the dirt and grit is trapped, it has no where to go.

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Re: Pressure Washer Advice

Post by Apollya » Sun Apr 23, 2017 6:39 pm


Last weekend I was at my folks, and used my Dads K'A'rcher K2, it worked ook but was a little lackluster.

Yesterday I picked up a K'A'rcher K5 Premium Home Full Control Plus, the one with the single multi-use nozzle, works well. Has to be said it doesn't remove all the dirt off the car initially, you need to spray down first to remove whatever it can, then use the snow-foam, i had already bought demon-wheels one with it's own lance included (but will buy a decent lance and better now-foam off amazon) soon.

Interesting what Matteus said about the professional versions, when i worked running a small bio-diesel plant we used a diesel powered K'A'rcher to clean off the factory floor and outside. i couldn't justify the cost of the K7 nevermind the pro units though.
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