R-Sport 2.0D AWD AUTO

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R-Sport 2.0D AWD AUTO

Post by Harper28 » Sun Jan 07, 2018 1:16 am

So the time has come to sell the beauty as I've got another one coming by the end of the month. I'm not really after a sale here as I'm sure anyone on this bloody page already has one! More curious and after some help with what I should expect to get roughly.

Currently sat on 11600 miles and sell with 12500 R-Sport, White, black pack, 22 inch black alloys oh and lumbar stuff for crap backs. I'd like 36k I'd be happy with 35k anything less will make me sad really. If it makes any difference I just topped the ad blue up :lol:

Let me know what you think, thanks guys.





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Re: R-Sport 2.0D AWD AUTO

Post by Deltasierra » Sun Jan 07, 2018 8:13 am

The price you get depends on who you are selling to, if you look at Autotrader there is no shortage of similar FPaces for sale, numbers offered are increasing, so sales seem to be slow. The asking price is similar to your aspirations, but buyers will be looking to negotiate the cost lower, remember there are good discounts on new vehicles that will not be much more, also the extras you wanted may not be valued by the buyer.
Private cash buyers will be hard to find for any high value vehicle and risky too, clearing a Cheque or a transfer will be stressful, selling for cash to the trade £30k would be a realistic aim
The easiest and maybe the best deal will be to part exchange for another Jaguar, if yours has a trouble free history they will retail it. I'm not sure the exact margin dealers have got currently , back in the summer incentives were around £3500 on new cars, they will inflate the value of your old car up to that amount, shop around for the best deal.
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