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Re: The silliest statement ever made - rybrook warrington

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Read your story I feel sad that's not what you are looking for when you buy a new car, if you wanted those troubles then you would have gone for a used car, who is going to pay for all that time of running between dealers and fuel cost ? That's how I think. If you want to get a small diagnosis done at dealer they charge you money.
Anyway I think after reading your technical bit of quadrant stuff it might be true as since day 1 I have break noise driver side front only but it disappears after some break applications, secondly after a day or 2 when I was approaching the car from behind in daylight to open drivers door I saw front wing where at meets the door is kind of raised and not flushed with the door I am attaching picture I don't know if that is the gap you are referring? I reported dealer they took car in after 3 months and said I need to go to body shop as the technician thinks it's door rather than wing and they don't have tools so a body shop would be better place anyway now my rear doors have what I think corrosion v small but it seems to be. I got delivery on 23rd of November 2018. Well in few days they will look up along with body shop what it is and then going to move forward.
But I have no hopes 1st thing even they offer a repair colour won't get matched to rest of the car and I am fussy as I keep my car clean and wax it, and also forgot rear roof spoiler where it meets the roof line was not aligned it was tilted on the left these things I am not sure a normal user is going to notice but it brings doubts what's happening at factory.
Pictures attached for you to enjoy :-)
You are not alone.



Corrosion location rear door


Driver side raised wing


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