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Re: SIM cards

Post by June16 » Wed May 23, 2018 2:54 pm

K187 wrote:
Tue May 22, 2018 11:22 am
Just got my f-pace and put a 24gb 3 sim in it. Works great and also noticed it’s now 4G! I was slowly reading through this thread and thought the ICTP was only 3G.

First service due in July so I’ll see if I can get a software upgrade in too.

It seems the sim is only used for traffic and hotspot? I had thought in control apps would install Spotify on the car itself but it seems you still need your phone plugged in. The 12GB card is more than enough in hindsight. Also since I always have a phone plugged in I’m not even sure I needed that!
Sim for traffic, hotspot, maps if you use the full starlight view, street view of destination, live services ....quite a few things once you set it all up.
I got the 2 year 24 month Card and turned everything on :D set a useage limit of. 1G a month.
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Wifi and SIM card

Post by MoAli40 » Wed May 23, 2018 11:27 pm

Just bought a new jaguar Fpace
Wanted to get the car wifi on
Bought a sim card micro n it fits right and in
Put on the wifi
Connected my phone but the internet it’s not there
Removed the SIM card put it into my phone it works
Do u need only data sim card or even data plus voice calls sim will do? If so any settings
Also tried to connect my phone through hotspot
Entered the password but shows it’s only connecting
N does not connect ?
Any solutions for both?

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Re: Wifi and SIM card

Post by RaVolVoR » Thu May 24, 2018 7:04 am

I'm not being patronising but under settings, features, connectivity you will find an option to enable Data. This defaults to off and in some cars randomly returns to off. Just enable and agree to the pop up and it should work.
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Re: Wifi and SIM card

Post by catwoman » Thu May 24, 2018 8:53 am

I don't think that's being patronising RaV, it's called being helpful :)

I'm moving this thread into the main SIM cards thread . . . it might also help you further, MoAli, if you read back through the thread because others have also had the same kind of problems getting their cards set up too . . . you're not alone, it's not obvious how to do it . . . lots of useful knowledge and tips to be found within the thread... and welcome to the forum too, hope you're enjoying your new FPace!
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Re: SIM cards

Post by Redlancer » Fri Aug 03, 2018 9:53 am

After around 4 months the Jaguar garage have now stated your reader is faulty we'll order one in.
OK its only SIM card but i do want the live features of traffic and its a pain to hotspot the phone every trip.
Bit of a long story - but service was poor

To say i was not impressed with the initial service is an understatement.

This was the 5th visit and this was the 1st time they had a known good SIM card to try in my car.
The other 4 visits they did the same - tried my 4 sim cards in the my car, said its was SIM cards. I asked if they tried my cards in another car, they said yes, which I have my doubts. One visit the car was with them all day and I was told they'd have to reader to put in if they deemed it faulty.
The technician said it was the sim cards as diagnostics ran ok. I pointed out that diagnostics wouldn't spot lots of faults, like faulty SIM contacts.
Again I asked did you try my cards in another car - that's a good idea, no they don't work.

I understand they deal with all sorts of customer ability with gadgets but as I stated to them I work in telecoms and fault find down to a much indepth level than a card reader. I also pointed out they should prove my reader was working not my SIM cards are not. I had 3 different operators data only mobile broadband cards. I mentioned why haven't they got a data only SIM for testing and for showing the feature when out on test rides.
Response was "yes that would make sense" nothing else. no we'll get one in to try on your car etc etc it was left with me to sort out.
I even pointed out that Jag and another garage had a notice re potential issues on readers.

So I contacted Jaguar support direct. They were very helpful. Got me to go through the process again, which is fine and I sent pictures off the stages, they confirmed i was doing everything correct and its either the SIM or reader or a software clitch. They then contacted the garage. Jag told me they'd sent over how to check this and agreed they need a SIM card.
Jag support said the garage would contact me.
Weeks passed - I rang up Jag support saying no contact. They spoke to dealer said they'd been trying and not got any response.
2 things here,
1- i work in telecoms - takes me 2 seconds to get all their call attempts to me - NONE, not one call. I can see calls when i was buying the car and an initial ring back from service to pick the car up on one of the visits.
2 - OK they might have lost my number or dialed it wrong, but then the do have my email, atleast 3 contact numbers as bought the car off them.

So i ring up. Every time service is busy they ring back leave your details. Guess what no callback.

5th visit.
Rang up yesterday.
Service manager your after has left and service is busy we'll ring back. Pointed out they don't, was assured they would and was given a new name of someone who would.
5 minutes later, call back and after a 5 min trip today they agree its faulty after trying a known good SIM and its booked in.

So my initial thoughts off the new person who's dealing is this is what I'd expect.
Even buying the car i dealt with 3 different people as the 1st 2 left. This also impacted on the service as all the initial niggles like stone chips, floor mats torn in half weren't passed on.

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Re: SIM cards

Post by JOCK55 » Fri Aug 03, 2018 11:38 am

Although probably of little comfort to you, it seems someone in JLR has been listening for a change. For new MY19 F-Paces (and probably other models), they have introduced the following: ... ology.html

"Stay connected while on the move. Every new Jaguar F-PACE comes equipped with a 500MB SIM card at no additional cost as part of our Essential data plan. With 500MB of data per month free of charge for 3 years, you’ll be better connected, receiving live traffic updates and more. If you find you want more data for additional in-car streaming and WiFi hotspot usage, we have data top-up plans available. To find out more consult your local Retailer".

The SIM is apparently provided by a Company called Ubigi, owned by the French company Transatel. Additional data can be purchased if required. From what I understand the additional data costs are as follows:
500MB Valid for 1 day is £2.99
3GB Valid for 30 days is £19.99
12GB Valid for 6 months is £79.99 (sounds a lot less than £80.00!!!)

A little pricey compared to some of the more established Network Providers, but there's a price to pay for convenience!

So many of your complaints ARE being addressed for NEW vehicles, it remains to be seen what happens with existing vehicles.

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Re: SIM cards

Post by Pieface21 » Sat Aug 04, 2018 1:03 pm

JOCK55 - FYI: The site link you refer to above is bringing up an ......'ERROR 404' message.

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Re: SIM cards

Post by JOCK55 » Sat Aug 04, 2018 6:15 pm

Try this link! ... ology.html

It's still there and unadulterated!!! Text as per my previous post.

Just in case the link fails again it is in the https://www. page. Cut and paste this into your browser and delete the space between the (www.) and

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Re: SIM cards

Post by mike72uk » Mon Jan 07, 2019 12:34 pm

Right, so now I have a conundrum. Had a 3 12 month/12GB SIM that I put in when I took delivery of the car in November 2017, and it worked perfectly for 12 months. Naturally in the middle of November last year (2018) it stopped working as the 12 months was up. I purchased a new 3 SIM, 24 month/24GB, and it has been working fine until now.

It was working on Saturday as we were travelling through France and used it to look for hotels and even received the Trip Advisor reviews etc, alongside weather updates etc.

Then sometime during the journey yesterday it stopped, and the signal strength symbol changed to a circle with a line though. Looking at the Mobile Data settings under "Connectivity" it says "SIM not supported". I tried removing and re-inserting the SIM, but same result.

I then removed the SIMm and inserted it into my iPAD, and lo and behold, connectivity. Re-insert back in car, nothing. Then I tried the SIM from my mobile phone (which is an O2 sim) in the car, and it fires up and connects without an issue.

So now I am in the predicament where if I mention to 3 that the SIM works in another device but not the car they will no doubt say it is an issue with the car, and if I say to Jag that the 3 SIM doesn't work but the O2 SIM does work, they will say it is an issue with the SIM.

The most frustrating thing is that is was working fine up until about 24 hours ago, and there is still about 22 months left (expires on 25/11/2020) and over 23GB still to use !


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Re: SIM cards

Post by Jim » Mon Jan 07, 2019 1:48 pm


Are you still outside the UK? I ask as the international roaming may not be turned on with 3 SIMs as they typically default to it being off (or at least mine have). May be worth giving 3 a call to confirm.
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