Just updated to the ICTP 18D

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Re: Just updated to the ICTP 18D

Post by RockhopperJ » Fri Dec 21, 2018 12:24 pm

ksf wrote:
Fri Dec 21, 2018 11:48 am
RockhopperJ wrote:
Fri Dec 21, 2018 11:03 am
one of my biggest bugbears with the system so far... why put the heated seats in the screen in the first place... press the seat button then up the temp up/down buttons - just like on the Velar....
I had previously evoque - start the engine. tap the climate button and it's on full.
in 2 min. double tap 2 times to put to minumum with eyes on the road all the time.


in F-Pace they should have made some alternative shortcuts. eg.: double press the button would turn on full, double press again - off.
or as you say - press button as now to call the control screen, then +/- hard buttons of climate would set the level. and as I ask to also in 10s return back to the previous screen (navigation, media, etc.) where it was. few lines of code and more usable and safer. :)
should we sign a petition? :)
Yep - that's what I had - SNAP!
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Re: Just updated to the ICTP 18D

Post by Reggraham » Fri Dec 28, 2018 10:41 am

The seats are my biggest bug bear of the system on standard ICT and all older versions you pressed the seat button to bring up the screen then pressed it again to go back to the last screen you was on, why oh why haven't they implemented something so simple as that. Ever since the XF heated seats have been on the screen and the biggest complaint from early XF owners was the seat menu stayed on the screen and you had to press home and then the next option to get back to whatever screen you was on before, so in the facelift they changed the button so it brought up the screen then press again and it was gone. Getting the take me home back on the home screen is great and about time, I like that I can now have Apple CarPlay I was on 18B before so didn't have it, so I had no experience of the problems I will be switching the auto load of either incontrol or Carplay off as it's annoying when all you want to do is charge your phone so you plug it in on the move and your systems starts changing.
The biggest problem is that the engineers and designers have found they can add all the great things, so that the system is overloaded with functionality and it is then that the simple things such as usability get lost, as systems designer I was guilty of it in the past as well, "Oh I can do this wouldn't it be great to add this", do we really need it?. In the end it becomes a distraction from the main purpose of having a great car to DRIVE!.
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