New F-Pace Owner - Some questions

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Re: New F-Pace Owner - Some questions

Post by SwiftPaws » Tue Dec 18, 2018 4:08 pm

Mine stays in ECO also after switch off.
But as am still learning the car, I like to start in normal and switch to ECO when on country roads or motorway. Just more responsive when in urban surroundings.
As I have my car for nearly 3 months now, in these 0 - 15 degrees I average around 35mpg with my 3.0d.
Calculated by fuel bills more to the lower 30s mpg.
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Re: New F-Pace Owner - Some questions

Post by tomosap » Fri Dec 21, 2018 2:46 pm

Just an update to this - seems that Jaguar in their infinite wisdom have decided to remove the persistence of the driving mode after the ignition is switched off. What a massive PITA that is! Oh well, it's nice to have more buttons to press when you start the car lol :roll:

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Re: New F-Pace Owner - Some questions

Post by padre182 » Wed Dec 26, 2018 10:05 am

tomosap wrote:
Tue Dec 18, 2018 12:58 pm
Thanks all for the responses above, really helpful. I do still wonder about the whole setting the car in eco mode thing, doesn't feel right to me as my XE was exactly as I would expect. Might do some more digging with Jaguar...

Looking forward to many happy miles in it, albeit very expensive ones lol
Hi. I'm new to the forum but felt that I could help. I changed from a stock (ie no choice on spec) MY18 Portfolio to a MY19 Portfolio in Sept 18 and found that, on the new one, it doesn't retain the last setting. Seems to be one of the tweaks for the new MY but its not as annoying as the swap of the LKA and cruise/limiter buttons! I haven't noticed it revert though, but haven't done many 2hr plus runs. As for the Eco setting itself, I stand to be corrected but, I don't think it makes any difference to gear changes or throttle response on the 19 as it did with the 18 (as I've forgot to engage it a few times at startup and nothing in its driving style highlighted that); it seems to be more about limiting energy consumption from auto settings on climate, demist etc.

Enjoy the car.

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Re: New F-Pace Owner - Some questions

Post by Craigann B » Wed Dec 26, 2018 7:03 pm

In eco this returns around 40mpg on short journeys and 50mpg on duel carriageways and motorways. My best has been 67mpg on a very quiet 20 mile run. The weather has to be good for this. Wet conditions reduces the overall consumption by 10 mpg.

I would give the F-Pace 100% for economy, looks, roadholding and performance. But only 50% on build quality and JLR response.
They don’t like you looking up their TOPIX site on faults associated with your DIN number. Dealerships don’t let you know what faults are possible with your batch of vehicle unless you find it yourself and ask them to fix them. I had 6 faults I was just accepting as an ok fault until I found the Topix site and asked my dealership to implement which took two days.


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Re: New F-Pace Owner - Some questions

Post by Smitten » Wed Dec 26, 2018 8:10 pm

Craigann you must drive like a saint! However I must say even my 3.0d gives much better mpg than expected.
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