18c and CarPlay

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18c and CarPlay

Post by Barthog » Thu Oct 18, 2018 6:20 am

I had both installed yesterday as not installed on the 3rd October which I had asked for.(not enough time)
Updating 18b to C and smartphone support pack
Took 3 hours from dropping off to recieving a call.
Advised this is a feature update and should be £200 charge as 18b is working fine and CarPlay is or will be an option on the Jaguar configuration site.
So check before requesting!
I setup google maps to take me home and turned out if the car park immediately received warning low tyre pressure and the car pulled to the left, then 300 yards back into dealer for tyre repair lol 2nd Jag with a puncture in the first 2 weeks!
They kindly repaired as the screw was in the middle so easily fixed.
Only driven 3 miles so will post update of how it fairs and any changes I can find.
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