Resetting Trip forever

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Resetting Trip forever

Post by Reggraham » Mon Oct 15, 2018 8:44 pm

Has anyone experience a similar problem, I have a MY19 with the new dash panel. I have always reset trip A on filling up with fuel but on this car when I press the trip button and hold it to reset the message appears 'resetting trip' and that is it it stays there till the next time you start the vehicle from off, even the top panel shows the resetting trip message. For the little display at the bottom of the panel you can't cycled through anything it is just stuck on 'resetting trip'. When the car is started next time it seems to have returned to normal.

I have now set it three times and it does it every time. I am assuming it's a trip to the dealers?, I thought maybe it was in need of an update the system software is 18B and when I check for updates it say there are none available if I check for vehicle software update it just has the cycling rectangles of death it does that connected to my high speed wifi as well as on 4G.
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