ICTP versions - with photos to identify which version you've got

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ICTP versions - with photos to identify which version you've got

Post by catwoman » Fri Jun 15, 2018 11:24 am

ICTP Version 2.5 - with "ASi" and "two-part seat" icons


ICTP Version 3 - 'ASi' icon is replaced with "mountain" icon; two-part seat icon is replaced with "three-part seat" icon


With Version 3 a new 'homescreen settings' menu screen was also introduced (see below)....

ICTP V3 homescreen settings.JPG

ICTP Version 3.5 - If you have configurable dynamics, the 'mountain' icon is now replaced by a "helmet" icon; if not, then the 'three part seat' icon should also be present. SMS text message read-out and navigation voice control should also be working on the v3.5 system.

ICTP V3-5 helmet and 3pc seat.JPG

ICTP Version 4 - features 3 simplified 'text' screen icons on the homepage instead of the previous 4 pictoral tiles


ICTP Version 4 - light background theme

ICTP V4 - light version.JPG

ICTP Version 4 - patterned dark background theme

ICTP V4 - patterned background theme.JPG

Please PM the admin team with any future updates or information that may be useful to include here.
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