My all black 3.0d S MY18

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Re: My all black 3.0d S MY18

Post by Smitten » Mon Dec 03, 2018 5:17 pm

Lol it did look good until the rain and mud and winter don't really go together! I cleaned the car Saturday and my partner took the car today for a dog walk - it looks like it has done 5 miles cross country at the moment and I am a broken man :lol:

I like the look of the white seat trim on yours but wanted seats in a solid colour that was quite hard wearing, for obvious reasons looking at the wheels :o

Think it might need an interim wash this week at this rate...

20181203_153635 (002).jpg

20181203_153647 (002).jpg

3.0d S, Santorini black, black pack, 22" black rims, LEDs, Priv, 350W, ICTP, Ebony interior, AdSR, space saver, config ambient, remote release, lumbar, winter pack, rear recline. Build date Friday 13/4/18 :D

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Re: My all black 3.0d S MY18

Post by jagged » Wed Dec 05, 2018 6:43 am

:shock: :?
You are right smitten
Winter and black don't really go together!

I was going initially going for full black inside and out, but as I was taking the "used-approved" route, as soon as I found this specific one which ticked almost other boxes in my list, i thought to myself "this color combination is not too bad.." so I went for it (cognitive bias?)
I have a little daughter and she likes to rest her feet on the back of the passenger seat so I use a seat kick mat/cover to protect the leather.
One positive thing is that, in combination with the panoramic roof, it brights up the interior of the car a little bit.

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