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After 10 months, it's finally arrived. D200 HSE. I've lost track of the number of delivery dates I've been quoted, but unlike some (most?) of the posts on here of late, the day has finally come.

No thanks to the salesman who missed off the 360 camera pack and park assist in September when the spec changed, and who messed up by not noticing the headlining was different to that on the order form.... I'm getting some compensation for the latter apparently...

Came with the IDD and HUD as ordered, has a recall action to go back in for a chip to be added to enable the gesture part of the tailgate, and a second key body to be supplied.

5 previous purchases from that dealer, never a problem. This time.... Oh well, back to the JLR fold after a temporary Mercedes cabrio intermission...

Anyway, here it is:

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