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Using the Voice Control function I find that I can successfully use voice control to make calls for about the first 3 - 4 attempts by saying commands like "Call - Bill - Mobile" and the system then repeats the command and asks me to confirm Yes or No. Then for no apparent reason when I say "Call - John - Mobile" (or any other name) the system replies Call 5 - 3 .... it suddenly goes into interpreting names as numbers until I turn the car off and start again. Once I re-start the car on the next journey it recognises names again for a few attempts and then goes back to interpreting names as numbers.

I don't know about you, but I don't think I know any phone numbers from memory (apart from my own) and haven't since shortly after I got my first mobile with a contact list.

When first trying the voice control to make calls I was very impressed as I started by just saying "Call - Bill" and the system would read back the types of call to Bill I could make, I.e. Home, Mobile, etc. and on my stating the required type would repeat the full command for confirmation and connect the call. I then moved up to adding the call type in the initial command request and was even more impressed when it immediately understood and asked for confirmation .... right up until it then started interpreting names as numbers ......

I have wondered if it is something I need to set, or if there is some way to kick the system back into recognising names as names, but if there is I haven't found it yet.

As I said, initially I was very impressed with the system in the way it worked as this is a much safer option than looking down at the screen to scroll through a contacts list, just wish it was consistent.

Has anyone else tried the voice control function to make calls and if so what has your experience been?
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