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Hello all .. as per title

Normally for me I use WAV or WMA lossless that works in our existing cars .. no flac yet unfortunately

What have you all experimented with yet ?

Does Wav work ? and have you tried any lossless codecs like WMA lossless .... or is it the mp3 stil


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Kaspa, if I post a reply it will lift your question up the list and perhaps find a reply.
When I was fortunate enough to get into a FP, I happened to have a memory stick in my pocket with a couple of WAV files on it and they played very well. However, I suspect like you, I have the majority of my files in FLAC format. They are in 16 bit when taken off my CD's and 96/24 for my more recent music. We can't be the only ones who think 256k compressed music sucks so someone please let us know if FLAC files play and if so, at what resolution.
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