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I can't believe that at this late stage..we have a situation where some people with FE s have confirmed delivery dates of April ,while others (my self included) haven't got a clue when they will be having their car.. my dealer still says June although Ryan says May...obviously Jaguar aren't even keeping the dealers informed
A date now would be nice.. :eek:
A.road review would be handy(imagine a naff review at this stage) :eek:
Come on Jaguar a bit more info would be good ( I think Ryan knows less than me ) :D
I've exhausted the f pace online videos , websites and forums :roll:

Ryan surprise us with some exclusive info :p Please.... :D
Before I lose interest and buy a Maserati :cry: :roll: :lol: just for the hell of it :!:

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Whilst I am as impatient as you to see on road reviews, test drive the real thing and take delivery, Jaguar have given out a timetable several times:

Reviews - April
Cars in showrooms and test drives - April
First Edition deliveries - May
Other versions deliveries start - June onwards

We must just be patient and hope that JLR stick to their timetable!
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