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tokyophil said:
Has anyone else had an issue with their sim card reader for InControl pro services - I use a "3" 12gb pay as you go sim? The signal drops out every 8.5 minutes. The dealer and Jaguar don't seem to know why this is. They have tried various sims from different providers and the issue is the same with each sim. Still awaiting Jaguar to come back with a solution. In the meantime, the dealer has had the car for four days now!
Like the car - don't like the after sales customer service or lack of urgency though.

2L AWD Diesel Portfolio, Polaris White, 380W Control pro, Surround camera, Gesture tailgate, Lumbar control
My xe courtesy car has the wifi hotspot, I have a contract EE sim in it and it's been flawless everywhere I go. Takes a while to connect after ignition (45-60 seconds maybe) but never skipped a beat. It's ICT not Pro but probably same wifi module?
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