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AutoExpress have a very interesting article on the new road tax pricing from April 2017. With expected delivery times of F-Pace to be 9 months anyone ordering this summer may well end up paying this.

The article also goes on the say residual values of April 2017 onward cars may suffer due to the 5 year £310 supplement which is also payable on pre owned cars.

Any car registered after the 31st March 2017 will come under this need scheme which will be expensive for any new car valued over £40k.

A 3.0d F-Pace will currently cost you £180 per year, so over 3 years a grand total of £540

Come April 2017 the cost for the same car will be

1st year £500
2nd year £140 (tax) plus £310 supplement (which is payable for the first 5 years even as a pre-owned car)
3rd year £140 (tax) plus £310 supplement

Grand total for 3 years £1,400 (price difference of £860), if you extend that to 5 years it will be £1,400 difference.

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