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Can't help myself, I like to be fairly contrary (/controversial), so I'm gonna play 'Devil's Advocate' here :twisted: . . and I doubt it'll be a popular opinion, but here goes anyway . . . I just can't understand what all the fuss is about with auto-dipping mirrors!

Half the time I would find it a positive nuisance feature 'cos I like to use my mirros to actually see where I'm going when I'm in reverse, the other half of the time, if I need to see where the kerb is, I am perfectly happy to just alter the mirror position using the switch gizmos . . . press a button . . not so hard really!

No prizes for guessing, I haven't bothered to spec memory for my seats or my mirrors . . . no-one else is gonna drive my cat 'cept me, so what's the point? Oh, and don't try telling me re-sale value is the thing, 'cos I'm not really all that interested in what happens when I've already moved on to the next best thing in a few years time, and in any case I don't reckon my car will be worth any less if that feature isn't on it; don't try kidding yourself you'll get any premium back for stuff like that anyhow. But, yeah, I will admit a reverse camera is a no-brainer, so I wouldn't skimp there!

Jus' sayin'... ;)
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