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F-Pace D300 HSE. Hakuba Silver
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Very Nice, I ordered the Dynamic Black edition yesterday, fingers crossed it'll come by April but doubt it with all the semi conductor shortages, like the plate too, did you buy that seperatly?
Hi Gordon,

The waiting is hell, isn't it. :)

I ordered mine at the end of June and picked it up on November 10th. So not too bad.

Yes, I did buy the plate separately. I've been leasing my cars for more than 25 years, and could never be bothered with changing number plates. But this F-Pace is likely to be the last car I ever buy, so I looked for a suitable plate at the DVLA.

I tried to buy one in an auction, GSD 2J, but I was outbid. The one on the car was just available to buy now. I just searched around for something that would complement the car or my initials. Luckily I found one that does both.

By for now.

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