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Hi all,
Just took the dive and got a used 18 plate 3.0d S in iridium silver (9k extras) with 45k on clock, reached out to Jag for quote on service plan - £3k ?..

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Welcome looks great. Like you I'm a new owner in the last couple of weeks. Also with an 18 plate 3.0d S but with 15K on the clock. £3k seems high, have you checked for an online quote directly from Jag Here:Jaguar Service Plans | Jaguar UK ? Mine came in about £1,900 for a three year plan online nut was cheaper via the dealer at £1,500ish. May be that I have lower mileage on the clock but the plan seems to be based on average/expected mileage for the age. You can also check the prior service history here: Jaguar Owner's Club
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