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Not wanting to bump this any further. I was hoping the email i posted ref the software update /fix would be useful and would not be buried in replies about my personal thoughts on JLR .

I get your points but I have had to reject two Evoques in the past . Now JLR finance don't allow rejection because you've had buyers remorse. They both had unacceptable problems

So I am using my own personal experience, rather than the opinions on a forum . Knowing of the hassle I have had in the past owning JLR cars I was happy to buy my FPace no one made me buy it.

I get the problems that GLE also has, but of no interest to me , as I don't own one anymore. Despite the issues I have had I still prefer the Fpace for looks and interior .

Now keeping the car at the moment . I had a generous goodwill offer from all parties concerned. Also I'm safe in the knowledge that if belts snap again it is an automatic rejection as they will have had their one chance to fix
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