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I took my FP into Harwoods a couple of weeks ago to have the Infotainment system and when collecting noticed a mark (could be grease?) on the headliner - the dealer wanted to get the car back for a further look at the Infotainment system so advised them at this time that the mark was there after the first visit.

They said they would get there valet guys to have a look

I've now been advised that they could only get 95% of the stain out where I asked how they were going to get the whole stain out and was advised that this needed a discussion with the repair guys, my sales lead and myself

There was even a remark that the whole header may need replacing (hence the discussion with the sales guy)

Has this happened to anyone else as there's no way I can accept the stain cannot be removed as now I know it's there I wouldnt be able to take my eyes off it?
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