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First time poster - so apologies if these issues are covered elsewhere, I have tried to read through the other issues and couldn't find either of these.

Issue 1: The bonnet is slightly prouder one side than the other. So if you look at it head on the passenger side is slightly higher up. I think this is as a result of the u-shaped bar on the actual bonnet which attaches to the car (spot the least technical person on this forum!). When the bonnet is open this 'latch'; whilst the driver's side one does not (seems tighter).

Issue 2: Drove out of staff car park, lowered the window scanned pass and drove through the gate; went to raise the window and...nothing. Tried every window (all of which were up) and nothing. None of them responded. Drove all the way home with the window down (thank goodness it was dry and I had dispensed with the Kevin Keegan perm some time ago!). Stopped to collect Number One son, cursing only slightly (it had been a rough day) - engine was off for probably 15-20mins. Got back in the car turned on the engine, tried my luck - window went back up with no problem. No issues since with it (or any other window).

Will drop Jaguar a note and the dealership (although will probably tighten the 'latch' thing myself).

1300 miles in first 7 weeks and everything else is spot on.
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