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Autocar says a "highly placed industry source" is the basis for a report that the upcoming Jaguar F-Pace crossover is being considered for a battery electric powertrain with a target range of 300 miles. If so, the new Jag would compete head to head with the forthcoming Tesla Model X.

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To help answer the question "why electric?" let's look at a few facts: new Zero Emission Vehicle legislation recently introduced in California has also passed in seven other states, and more cities across the globe are considering "zero emission zones". Both of these factors will most likely drive up the demand for electric vehicles. Whether you agree with these newer laws or not they are coming soon and may change the landscape of vehicles sold around the world.

With SUVs and crossovers dominating the US new-car market, and Tesla's long-awaited Model X SUV on the way, an electric F-Pace makes good sense.

Jaguar has recently trademarked the name EV-Type in the US and Europe. Its corporate sibling Land Rover is known to be experimenting with electric powertrains in all of its models. It would make sense for the parent company to spread the development costs of a battery electric vehicle across both divisions.

The electric F-Pace, or EV-Pace, could be on sale as early as 2018.


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