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Trikster said:
Howdy folks,

Well put my money down at the weekend - 2.0d AWD Auto R-Sport, Italian Red, black interior, panoramic roof and a few toys

Going to be my daily driver- approx 25,000miles a year so going to be spending plenty of time in it, plus towing the toys to various track days

Quick q - I know it's early days but what mpg are folks getting on a run - 90% of my miles will be at 70 (ish :lol: ) on the motorway on my 100+mile commute (round trip)

Also, any real world pics of the cars on, not black, 19"s?
just answered mileage question on another thread, but i average 41-44 mpg and im averaging 70-90 when i dont keep an eye on the clock oops
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