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Welcome along!

So, if I may ask, in what capacity did you work for JLR?
I would guess you know quite a bit about how these cars are designed and produced then?
What spec are you thinking of for your FP?
(I know, questions, questions, but I'm a curious cat! :lol: )

JLRnumber5 said:
Hey Kaspa. You are still lurking I see. Is there plenty of time to cancel the RRE order and tempt you back to where you belong? ;-)
hello .... must admit the Failpace clip did put me off some what :?

don't worry even if I did go for the Evoque at least it is still the same stable (JLR) .... but saving for a bigger deposit

and sod it ... may go for the V6 petrol :D
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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