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Hello everyone, i went and ordered myself a really hi specced 3.0d f-pace on the 15th of may, and the contract said 130 working days delivery. As i am reading on the forum, the deliveries are 5-6 month range, so i am gonna have to be patient.
George here from greece, nice to meet you all.

JLRnumber5 said:
Kaspa said:
Hello .. welcome along ..

You will find the forum a helpful place
.... and what have you decided to do Kaspa? Made *any* decisions yet :lol:
I have specked up a nice Evoque .. (at least it is from the same family manufacture) I got £2000 dealer deposit & full TLC pack free as I had purchased a Evoque before (2014 model)

The spec is as follows

HSE Dynamic TD4 auto (4WD)
Santorini black
20 " 5 split spoke 508 wheels
fixed panoramic roof
adaptive LED headlights
privacy glass
red/black leather
rear heated seats
spare wheel
adaptive Dynamics suspension
incontrol pro (as this has now been added for the MY2017 model) the 10 inch screen
heated steering wheel
powered tailgate

same deposit as I was using for the F Pace .. but £50 less per month

what does not help is going to the dealers (Jaguar Land rover) and seeing all the models on display ... I must be the most indecisive cat currently .. driving my wife nuts :)

But cant help feeling I might be missing out on the F Pace .... I may stop posting until I have ordered

But that is the latest currently .... be gentle with the comments :roll: ?

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Each to their own Kaspa but I have an Evoque HSE Dynamic Lux Si4 with absolutely every extra on it (TV, self park, more cameras than I would have a clue what to do with) and it's fabulous but and I *definitely* feel as it I am upgrading by going to the FP.

The RRE is based on the old Freelander platform and whilst they've worked miracles with it, it has no way near the dynamic of the FP. The 9 speed auto on the RRE is not a patch on the 8 speed ZF gearbox. It always feels like it has two ratios too many. It's fine left in auto but if you want to play with the paddles you find yourself clicking three times before a sharpish corner.

RRE doesn't have RWD bias so don't expect sports car feel.

It's still a lovely motor though (although not sure the facelift did much for it)
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