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So I'm trying to configure my front PDC beep (I don't have surround camera) to come on automatically below a certain speed which is doesn't as standard.

The manual says there is an option to do this:

The parking aid system can be set to activate automatically, when the vehicle's speed falls below 16 km/h (10 mph). Or the system can be activated automatically when Drive (D) is selected with an automatic transmission.

To enable the auto on feature, on the touch screen select, the Settings icon to access the parking aid settings pop-up menu. Select Automatic PDC ON.

However when I open my settings there is no option to do this so I'm wondering if you have to have surround cameras for this to work?

I don't want to trust myself to put them on manually every time I'm parking up or in slow traffic as my Cayenne did this as standard :shock:
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