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Hi all,

Just by luck I bumped into a few Jaguar execs yesterday whom one of the group I believe was in charge of UK production. I took the opportunity to ask the usual questions around when I will get my car etc. I explained my delivery date had been moved forward by 4 weeks from late August to late July which was great and could it happen again? They said that the first customers (ie non FE) orders were expected to be built in June ready for July delivery. He said that my delivery date late July was really good and I would certainly be one of the first customers to get one. It is unlikely to be brought forward again. It takes about 2 weeks post build to be delivered to the dealer.
They explained that their production facility is limited, not the same as BMW/ Merc hence the longer than normal delays. We spoke further about this and I kind of got it. Looks like Jaguar are really doing their best to meet the huge demands which has never ever before been experienced at Jaguar. Waiting times are now 6 months moving upto 12.
Like many of your I was disappointed regarding the waiting times and lack of communication but after speaking to them I felt more much more positive and that I was not being strung a lie etc.
In summary it looks like it's a very, very popular car and they do not have the current capacity to fulfill the demands. They are aware of the situation and are doing what they can. This will only help with the residual value and I certainly welcome that!

Ordered Early November 2015 - R Sport 2.0d AWD Auto. Final spec placed in holding pool Feb 2016.
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