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Front sensors problem from start. Yesterday computer update, stil problem.
Jaguar shop thinks I can always put reverse and then drive to have the sensor working.
Didn't approved that solution to the problem , now wating for fix from Jaguar HQ.

Crank from rear suspension, wating for fix.

In control pro screen gets blue and later black, later it restarts and works.

That's my 650 km Jaguar experience, can't wait for what's coming.
I still like the car and it drives very well, I hope they can resolved the problems and I can get on with other things in my life then going to Jaguar to fix problems with the car.

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Snap, exactly the same issues with my F-Pace.

I too had the software / Firmware update, front sensors still unreliable when using the on screen switch. I have asked my wife engage reverse to be certain that the front sensors are active.

Today the screen turned off and on again for no apparent reason.

I do not have the much mentioned rear suspension noise but I do hear a clicking / cracking sound when carrying out low speed manouvers.

The other concern also mentioned on this site are the numerous holes, some crudely cut on the vehicle under tray.

I too am looking forward to a speedy resolution to the above issues however I have no desire to go back and forth to the service department until tried and tested fixes have been verified.
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