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Hi all had some more info that was not completely aware of , and I quote the piece of paper in front of me,
Tyre repair system TRS
"Where the TRS system is fitted in portfolio and S derivatives there is bespoke packaging under the boot floor where the parcel shelf can be stored. This solution is not present in prestige or R sport derivatives due to an alternative packaging solution. " is it me!, or does that mean Some are not getting the ability to store thier parcel shelf in our poverty models?

Spare saver wheel
"Where the 19" space saver spare wheel in black steel is fitted, the parcel shelf cannot be stored underneath the boot floor due to packaging".Even more of us can't store the parcel shelf now?

Full size spare wheel
"The optional full size spare wheel provides the customer with a fifth matching alloy wheel when specified the vehicle will be fitted with a revised boot floor raised by approximately 90mm. Load space rails become unavailable ,the boot floor will no longer be reversible"and you guessed it... "The parcel shelf cannot be stored underneath the boot floor due to packaging"

Hmmm find a space for the parcelshelf in the garage then!
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