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I have been reading some threads which horrified me. :shock: :eek:
When some of you picked up your car there were options missing or the wrong colour or jet headlining instead of light etc.
Why does this happen?
The dealer systems are NOT linked the Jaguars system. So the dealer order form that we all sign as a true record of our order then gets keyed into Jaguars system by a back room administrator. Hence mistakes are sometimes made.
Well, I challenged my dealer with this and said this could not happen with my order. He then surprised me by sending a copy of the build order which Jaguar actually use the build the car. :)
This has lots of information on it as well as the model, colour, seats, options etc.
What's the point of me telling you this???
To those of us with orders still outstanding and patiently (or not!!) awaiting delivery. this is a good way of ensuring you will not be disappointed when you pick up the loooong awaited car of your dreams. NOTE: This needs to be done before you order is "locked in" with Jaguar.
Ask your dealer for this date. It is crucial.
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