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I have my deposit down on the 3.0d S in Polaris White with Black Pack, 22 silver and black double helix wheels and almost all available Options ticked :D

Thanks to the Forum I have found out the full size spare wheel option is nasty and destroys the boot! I would have been devastated if my car turned up with the hump in the boot! My dealer doesn't seem to know jack about the F Pace!

Thing is I still want to drive the Petrol S before the order goes in! As I do very low miles, (although most journeys are 50miles) the cost of runnng the petrol isn't a problem but the 700nm of the diesel may suit me better!

Decisions, decisions!

This is delaying my order so the number plate I bought will have to be sold.

If anyone is interested in FP 16 ACE (nice!). Let me know.

I hope mentioning this doesn't contravene any rules as I am a genuine F Pacer in waiting.
Regards All
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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