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Stratstone Newcastle have given me a service plan to compensate for the problems I have had
Copy of email sent to dealer principal

Morning .
Body Shop sorted boot it took a couple of guys an hour.
The service was First Class and totally opposite to the other dealings I have had with Stratstone Newcastle since I bought the car.

1: I have had more problems with the car in the first 2 months than all the cars I have had over the last 20 years.
2: your after care is rubbish for every fault its been me driving to resolve I didn't expect this from a luxury car dealer.
3: You don't communicate
4: Promises made then I hear nothing
5: The issues have put me to a lot of inconvenience but nobody has said how can we compensate you.

Car 9 out of 10 Stratstone 1 out of 10

Bonnet alignment
Boot alignment
In Control Pro software update
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