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Hi All,

Last week I received my order of an AAWireless and I just thought I'd drop a short post on here in case folks aren't aware of such devices as an option.

I know Android Auto (and Apple Car Play) certainly divides opinions on the forum. But personally for me having used Android Auto for many years, even before the Jag, I've grown to nearly always plugging the phone in when going anywhere further than just a quick poodle around town. With the release of Wireless Android Auto I was a bit disappointed that our ICTP head units haven't got the upgrade unlike the Pivi Pro system in facelift models, but I guess thats Jag's way of trying to convince people to upgrade.

After a recommendation from a friend, I took a punt on the AAWireless which simply provides wireless Android Auto functionality by plugging in a small device into the USB port instead of your phone. So far I've had no problems with it what so ever and it was a really simple device to setup and update with the companion app to get it going, requiring no changes on ICTP. Now I jump in and turn on the car and within seconds Android Auto loads up. At this stage I've not done any long journeys with it, but having it recommended by a friend who has, I'm not expecting any problems.

I'll drop some more posts as time goes on with my experience of it if useful, but definitely so far I'd recommend it to anyone else in the same boat.
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