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I was about to get my 5 year old from school the other day on school run and he said Grandad I don't want to get in your car unless the Alligators in the boot as it might eat me :!: :?: :?: :?:

Now I know his imagination can be a bit wild at times but I had no clue as to where the alligator in my car came from, I scratched my head and asked the obvious question to a 5 year old!

What are you going on about you know alligators don't live in their country after all you must do Geography at School and what have you been doing with that Discovery Channel App I bought you for your iPad! What are they teaching these 5 year olds at school these days? :lol: :lol:

Ok heres the reply - You told daddy that you bought an alligator for your car - we only have an alsatian as a guard dog but I thought you might have upgraded because your car is better than daddy's (OK that bits made up - it is though!)

So beware of children over hearing adult conversations - he was referring to my ALLOYGATORS yes they look smart do the job and at under £30 a pop per wheel well worth it!

My wife has had a quote recently of £120 to refurbish her kerbed wheel!

Enjoy my pic!

PS I don't promote Alooygators and there are other brands on the market so please look
PPS if you work for Alloygators then I am happy to talk commission
PPPS My grandson is OK and does not have nightmares but his dads car is still not as good as mine! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:


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