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I need to sell my current car to fiance my F-Pace, anyone interested please call or PM me here.

Very High spec, still 2 services left on the 5 year plan, Manufacture warranty until Jan 2020, 4 Brand new Tyre's. Just ticked over 31,000 miles.

Was planning to keep for another 2 years, however fell in love with the F-pace and couldn't resist an early upgrade.

Honestly it's a great car - yeah it does nothing special except be Avg/good in every department. I've driven this from Essex to the Lake District with kids and passengers, 6-7 hour journey with no problem and very comfortable, the 2.2L diesel eats up motorways, yet quiet around town, 7 seats when you need them, large boot with a good square space for packing, and the thing that shocked me was how good the SatNav is. Inside it still looks like new, and the 35mpg I get is a 80% around town / local drives, 20% Motorway - so still decent for it's size.

If you are looking for a 2nd car for a school runner, or a 7 seater family car, etc.. then please take a look - or if you know anyone thinking about it, then please pass this on.

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