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by catwoman
Thu Aug 06, 2020 8:46 pm
Forum: Faults & Technical Discussions
Topic: Steering click
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Re: Steering click

If you enter the words "steering click" into the search box with the magnifying glass icon (found at top of the forum homepage) you will see some other forum members have also reported something similar - info might be of help
by catwoman
Sun Jul 05, 2020 10:07 pm
Forum: Members Gallery
Topic: post lockdown drive
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Re: post lockdown drive

Those are stunning photos, car looks great, they really capture that sense of wild freedom that we’re all yearning for - and which is what we’ve all been missing during lockdown - it’s what driving an F-Pace is all about! It’s a shame we’re not still running the Photo of the Month thing, ‘cos either...
by catwoman
Sun Jul 05, 2020 10:52 am
Forum: Faults & Technical Discussions
Topic: Multiple error messages
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Re: Multiple error messages

Flat batteries have been a topic of discussion elsewhere on the forum in the past. This thread from 2019 was started by someone who was going to be leaving their car standing unused for four months while they went on holiday (..ah, those were the days, holidays!) . . . the information is still just ...
by catwoman
Sun Jun 28, 2020 9:10 am
Forum: Introductions
Topic: New Member
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Re: New Member

Can't say I've ever had any great problem with keeping the grille and vents clean . . just waving the pressure washer wand at it from various angles seems to keep them sparkling, only using plain water too - my car doesn't even know what snow foam is, we never use it! After a passage of time I have ...
by catwoman
Fri Jun 19, 2020 9:31 pm
Forum: Introductions
Topic: To buy or not to buy (end of 3 years)
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Re: To buy or not to buy (end of 3 years)

Hello Guy and welcome to the forum. Hmm, if you take the monthly payments that you've already made into account, I would suggest that paying another £22k for your R-Sport sounds a touch on the high side for one with 19000 miles on the clock. TLDR: In my opinion the TM3 is certainly worthy of conside...
by catwoman
Mon Jun 01, 2020 2:19 pm
Forum: Main Jaguar FPace chat
Topic: Favourite things about yours
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Re: Favourite things about yours

Those seats do look great tho' . . always love seeing pics of everyones cars, thanks for posting these Nowaytk. It'd be good to hear from others too. When I first got my FP it was just seeing the silver 'leaper' on the steering wheel in front of me that gave me a good feeling . . but ha!, I hardly e...
by catwoman
Mon Jun 01, 2020 10:21 am
Forum: Main Jaguar FPace chat
Topic: Remote In control App
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Re: Remote In control App

Yes, staying off-topic for a few moments just to echo Smitten and Keith's comments, there seem to have been plenty of visitors to the forum recently . . lots of 'guests' who presumably must be finding the accumulated information on here useful. The forum had the most visitors ever online at the same...
by catwoman
Tue May 12, 2020 6:36 pm
Forum: Main Jaguar FPace chat
Topic: Re: Service algorithm
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Re: Re: Service algorithm

Car will be santised before and after the service. Good to hear you're getting your car serviced, but makes me wonder, what exactly does the phrase "sanitised" actually mean in practice . . :? . . visions of the interior sprayed with Milton fluid, or will it be the steering wheel just given a quick...
by catwoman
Sun Apr 19, 2020 1:34 pm
Forum: Main Jaguar FPace chat
Topic: F-Pace SVR Servicing
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Re: F-Pace SVR Servicing

Hi Naan_H, think your silver SVR looks great! . . . hey, silver SVR, you could call it 'silverado' :D Also, you might like to check out these threads under the Detailing and Car Care section of the forum... . . . for details of how other forum ...
by catwoman
Thu Apr 16, 2020 7:23 pm
Forum: Off-Topic Chat
Topic: If ever you feel in need of a 'good news' story...
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Re: If ever you feel in need of a 'good news' story...

This is a real 'good news' story, coming at a time when we all need something to help make us feel better and more hopeful. Many many Congratulation...